Frequently asked questions

1. How do I try your service for free?

Please sign up and start the first video editing project. Your submission will be free as long as the raw footage does not exceed 45 minutes. If raw footage exceeds 45 minutes, there could be additional charges. No watermark. No strings attached! The free trial includes one round of 30-min revision.

2. What types of videos do you edit?

We make highlights for Twitch streamers. We also make cooking, Vlog, beauty/fashion, fitness and product review videos for YouTubers, TikTokers and Instagram influencers. Please send an email to if you would like to inquire about other types of videos.

3. What type of videos you DO NOT edit?

We are laser-focused on offering services to content creators. We do not handle wedding videos, animations, music videos or commercial videos. However, we do edit Twitch stream, cooking, Vlog, beauty/fashion, fitness, and product review videos. Please send an email to if you would like to inquire about other types of videos.

4. What tools do you use?

Our editors are all highly skilled with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. For stock images and videos, we use Storyblocks. For the video collaboration, we use For music, we use

5. Why do you ask all these questions in the ordering form?

While we can be very creative with your raw footage, we also want to make content that you and your audience love. The ordering form helps us to understand your stories and messages. If you are a returning customer, you would be pleasantly surprised near the end of the submission.

6. What if I see errors in the ordering form and cannot submit?

Contact us at, preferably with a screenshot of the error message.

7. How long does it take to get the first draft?

Once you submit the form, our team will check if we have everything needed to make an engaging video for you. After our review, you should receive an order confirmation. We send the first draft in two calendar days from the order confirmation. If your raw footage is over 60 minutes (over 5 hours for Twitch), we might extend the delivery days for a day or two. We will update you as soon as the estimation of the required time to edit your video is done.

8. So, I have received the first draft. What should I do now?

Please follow the instructions in the email. You will be able to make comments on your video on After your review, please submit the revision form to start the revision process. Until you submit the revision form, we do not start making changes. You will have five days to submit the revision form. In the revision form, you can also request additional text, B-rolls and thumbnails.

9. What is the turnaround time for revision requests?

After the delivery of the first draft, you can request revisions in five days. You must submit a revision form to start the revision process. Once we receive the revision form, we make the changes in two calendar days.

10. What happens if I fail to request revisions in five days?

Just notify us ( there are delays in five days. We can certainly extend the days for your review. However, if we do not receive any notifications or replies from you, the project will be marked completed. This means that you will receive the latest draft as the final video.

11. Can you adhere to my brand/style guides?

Yes, our ordering form will ask you about your logo, intro and brand guidelines.

12. Can you recreate it, or match something I’ve seen?

Sure! You can include the link of your reference video in the ordering form, and we will replicate the style of the reference video.

13. Do you supply the music for the videos?

Yes, we only use licensed royalty-free music. If you receive any copyright claims from social media platforms, we will help you to clear those claims.

14. Can you upload my videos to YouTube?

No, we currently do not offer this service.

15. How do I upload footage?

If you want to share your cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox), you can choose the option from our form and share the links. If you want to upload directly, you can upload files of any format and size to

16. Is there a size limit on the raw footage files?


17. How will we communicate to ensure the work gets done?

You will receive an order confirmation email, first/second/third draft delivery emails and the final draft delivery email. You can always reach us by replying to these emails or send an email to

18. What if I send you 10 video editing requests in one go?

We are a small team with about 20 video editors. We also spend a considerable amount of time training an editor. We will do our best to schedule our workflow so that we can complete all orders in a timely manner.

19. How does the payment work?

We will send you Paypal invoice. For Twitch stream highlights, we may ask for payment upfront.

20. Can you provide a refund if I’m not happy?

Yes, we refund you the 100% of the package fee if you are not happy. We will do everything to follow your instructions and take proper actions to address your concerns. While we will certainly refund 100% of the package fee, we cannot refund you the charges related to revisions.

21. Can you create a thumbnail for me?


22. Can you add subtitles for my video?

We can add subtitles for key messages. We cannot add subtitles for the whole video.

23. Can you SEO optimize my videos for YouTube?

No, we currently do not offer this service.

24. What happens after I upload my project? Will I get a progress report with the estimated timing of delivery?

You will get an order confirmation email in a few hours. Then, you will receive the first draft in two calendar days. You can always contact us( for updates.

25. What will I do if I am not satisfied with your editing?

Please tell us what you would like to change and why you would like to see the change.

26. Do you work with 4k?

Yes, please indicate that you need the video to be 4k. Our default resolution is HD.

27. I work for a video production/marketing/creative/design agency, can I sell your service?

No. We work directly with content creators. For any collaboration projects, please send an email to

28. What format will my video files be delivered in?

During the ordering process, we ask you the social media platform that you will be sharing the video. While the first draft will be made in the format suitable for your selected social media platform (e.g. YouTube 1920×1080), you can request additional formats during the revision process. Then, you will receive the final videos in multiple formats.

29. How long do you keep the files?

If no specific instruction is shared, you may remove your files in 14 days from the completion of your project. However, we may keep files longer if you have not posted your content on the channels.

Updated Septembre 22, 2023